Caregiver Café

In cooperation with Rays for Rare, parents and caregivers of medically fragile children have access to quality group support.  Join us, and make connections with others moving through a similar journey as we learn from each other in areas such as coping strategies, accepting the child’s own timelines, how to be family-centered instead of diagnosis-centered, how to talk to siblings, and many other areas of skill-building that will benefit you and your child.

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The Wildflower Intuitive Center has partnered with Rays for Rare in order to bring clinical group support to the parents and caregivers of medically fragile children. Rays for Rare supports medically fragile children and their families. They offer advocacy, support, education and various services. To find out if your family may qualify, please visit

To learn about the clinical support groups that the Wildflower Intuitive Center provides at Rays for Rare, watch the recordings below that explain more about this wonderful collaboration.

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