Why choose the Wildflower Intuitive Center?

The Wildflower Intuitive Center combines clinical therapy from a licensed provider, and the relaxing touch of Reiki, to support patients and their families.

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Reiki at Wildflower

At the Wildflower Intuitive Center our clinical sessions incorporate intuitive therapies, and an energetic bodywork called Reiki, into every clinical session. Reiki is a Japanese healing touch technique for relaxation and stress reduction that supports the client’s natural resilience. During Reiki treatments, clients will receive touch that is non-invasive and according to their level of comfort. Reiki supports medical modalities the client may be receiving and can be completed in-office, in hospital, or at home. During every session, clients are able to receive a combination of narrative, intuitive and energetic therapies in whatever proportion is right for them.

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End of Life Doula services

The End of Life Doula services at Wildflower bring the support of a provider that companions and assists families as they navigate the stress and grief related to a serious illness. Clients and their families receive services from a licensed clinician and college of medicine certified End of Life Doula. Sessions are available in the home or hospital for those who are medically fragile. Clients are supported fully, regardless of whether or not they are choosing curative care. Wildflower provides licensed clinical support combined with the relaxing touch of reiki to assist clients as they navigate the stress of serious illness with sessions provided in office, in hospital, or at home for children, infants, teens and the people who love them.

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“It is not the length of life, but depth of life.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Client Testimonials

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Corie provided service for our newborn son. She is incredibly intuitive and has an amazing gift to share. She was able to provide significant insight about our son. We are somewhat new to energy work and feel very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner to have this experience with. We are very grateful for Corie and highly recommend her.


Corie Cook was Scott’s End of Life Doula. She helped him come to a place of reconciliation and peace so that he could transition without fear. I will be eternally grateful for that gift she gave to him.

Corie was able to lift Scott’s burdens so he could be at peace. Transitioning into an unknown place is frightening and he was afraid. She helped him see that the beyond wasn’t scary, but a beautiful place to be going to. She explained to him why he was seeing what he was seeing and who he was seeing belonged to him.

Not only did Corie bring Scott to a place of peace, but she was also there for me. It was heartbreaking watching him die a little bit every day. Because Corie was able to tell me where he was at in this process, it helped me prepare to lose him. Understanding that he had come to a place of acceptance and peace when he transitioned, helped my heart to start to heal.

Watching Corie interact with Scott with kindness, gentleness, empathy and understanding while going through his end of life journey was amazing. Her inner light shines from within and she brought her amazing soul to us and guided us through his transition. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Corie by their side during this time has been gifted with someone very special.


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Corie S. Cook, LCSW, ACSW, RMT, CMRM
Clinical Social Work Practitioner
Certified End of Life Doula


Certified End of Life Doula

Corie S. Cook LCSW, ACSW, RMT, CMRM is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Medical Reiki Master and Certified Illness and End of Life Doula, who believes that spiritual gifts are an important part of human experience.  A social worker since 2003, Ms. Cook is able to use her experience in hospital and other medical settings, her extensive clinical experience, her Reiki training, her training as an Illness and End of Life Doula, and her intuitive gifts, to provide services to her clients.  Additionally, she has used her own experience with illness and chronic pain to guide her in her work with children, teens and infants who are experiencing pain, illness and other end of life issues. Ms. Cook will meet with clients in the office, at the hospital, or in the home.

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