Why choose the Wildflower Intuitive Center?

The Wildflower Intuitive Center combines clinical therapy and various holistic methods of relaxation, for parents moving through the stress of caring for a medically fragile child.

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Caregiver Connection

Caregiver Connection is a clinical support group at the Wildflower Intuitive center, designed specifically for the parents of medically fragile children.  Join us, and make connections with others moving through a similar journey as we learn from each other in areas such as coping strategies, accepting the child’s own timelines, how to be family-centered instead of diagnosis-centered, how to talk to siblings, and many other areas of skill-building that will benefit you and your child.  This group combines narrative therapies and relaxation techniques, so that parents can access support and relief.

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Individual Therapy

The Wildflower Intuitive Center is a place where the caregivers of medically complex children receive services that are specifically focused on what they are living.  These individual sessions supplement group support.  All clients receive sessions with a licensed clinician, qualified to bring evidence-based practices, but sessions at Wildflower are much more than that.

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Energetic Bodywork

The parents of medically fragile children, often find that the stress of caregiving that goes above and beyond typical parenting, requires more than just talk therapy.  Parents are able to access individual clinical sessions that incorporate intuitive therapies, and an energetic bodywork modality called Reiki, into sessions. During Reiki treatments, clients receive touch that is non-invasive and according to their level of comfort.

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“Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.”

Tia Walker

Client Testimonials

“Anyone who is lucky enough to have Corie by their side during this time has been gifted with someone very special.”


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