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  • In five short years, I have lost my husband (unexpectedly) and my father (after a long illness) and Corie's support as an end of life doula is the only thing that got me through both of these devastating losses. The guidance, reassurance and support means so much to my family and myself. I cannot recommend her services enough.
    Shauna Stonehocker
  • Exceptional Reiki treatment from Corie! I've had one Reiki treatment from somebody else, but didn't feel anything close to this! Lots of emotional releasing for me. On top of that, I have a lot of back issues, and after one treatment, I gained improved motion. Corie said I would likely feel some relief, but I just didn't believe it. Didn't expect energetic work and emotional releases to relieve some of my chronic pain but it did, and within hours! Just amazing. Highly recommend Corie if you want to gain some perspective and relief from the struggles you may be facing in your life.
    Naleen Bostrom
  • This was my first experience with Reiki and I’m happy it was with Corie. She made me feel very comfortable with process and I got more than I expected I would get out of the experience. She’s genuinely caring and talented at what she does. I left feeling so much lighter and everything she brought up during the session was spot on for me, she knew exactly what needed healing and where it was manifesting in my body. Thank you
  • The first time I met Corie I was a skeptic. In fact, I tried some of her suggestions/techniques to prove to her and others that there was no merit to them. I will gladly tell anyone who will listen now that she was correct. She has helped open my mind and my heart to possibilities I never knew existed. Corie has unique gifts of intuition and understanding. Every time I see her it seems that I learrn more about myself and the role my energy plays in the rest of the world. This is truly her calling, and you will be better for having met her.
    Scott Rios
  • It's hard to describe the lightness I had after my session with Corie. I literally felt like a weight had been lifted from me. So glad that I was able to luck out with such a caring provider and appreciate all that Corie has done for me and my energy! Highly recommend!
    Lesley Segadelli
  • My experience with Corie at the Wildflower Intuitive Center was phenomenal. Corie is so warm, open and kind and my first experience with Reiki was so positive. I would definitely recommend Corie to anyone wanting to explore a more Intuitive practice.
    Tara Lzicar-Brenner
  • I’m so please to see that Corie is receiving the positive feedback that she deserves. I can say with confidence that she truly devotes herself to each and every person that walks through her doors and works with them individually to help them achieve the changes that they are wanting in their lives. I can easily recommend her to anyone that may be on the fence or uneasy about taking their first steps towards a better, more insightful life. <3
    Matthew Robertson
  • For roughly 2 years I met with Corie weekly. She is great at what she does and her experience of well over a decade shows in her work and the results she is able to provide. You can tell from her attitude that she has a passion for helping others and goes above and beyond what is expected. I highly recommend to anyone that is skeptical to give her your time and you will likely walk away a better person. 5 stars.
    Devin B
  • Corie did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable during my first reiki session. She took the time to truly understand what I needed to work on and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire session. I walked out feeling lighter and more at peace and look forward to another session with her. I highly recommend her, she's wonderful!
    Cadie Myers