Caregiver Connection

Caregiver Connection, group support for parents going above and beyond typical caregiving.

Join us, and make connections with others moving through a similar journey as we learn from each other in was that will benefit you and your child.  In this group, members support, companion, problem-solve, and make space among others who understand the weight of this experience, while receiving the additional support of a licensed clinician.

Topics include:

  • Medical trauma of the diagnosis process.
  • Feelings of guilt and self-blame when you can’t fix it.
  • Feelings of discomfort with diagnostic labels.
  • Difficulty interacting with people that don’t understand your journey.
  • The time strain of being a caregiver.
  • Complexities of parenting the siblings of the medically fragile child.
  • The difficulty in trying to carve out self-care time.
  • Physical strain of caring for a child who is full assist.
  • Feelings of exhaustion
  • Decision-making when you are interacting with multiple medical specialists.
  • Moments when emotions spill over.
  • The difficulty of watching your child in pain.
  • Feelings of sadness, anger.
  • Watching the medically fragile child lose functioning.
  • Not being able to understand what exactly is wrong.
  • Fear of something becoming worse.
  • The difficulty of watching your child be excluded from experiences.
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